“Social MEdia” Daily Devotional – Day4


“Social MEdia” Daily Devotional – Day 4


” My Social Image “


Scripture Reading:

Prov. 29:25

“25 Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.”


Facebook boasts over 1 Billion active users. That’s 3X larger than the population of the United States. Compared to the nations of the world, it would be the 3rd largest behind China and India. 96% of the Millenial generation is connected in some way to social media. 1 out of 5 relationships now start on Facebook, and over 60 million people share their feelings and talk about themselves every day.


It’s quite obvious that we live in a culture OBSESSED with “image management.”  We download our skinny app to make our profile picture look 20lbs lighter, we randomly swipe through our photo filters until we get just the right tint on our skin to make us look more tan, we make sure we take a selfie in front of just the right store or restaurant or with the latest and greatest Apple product in our hand (ouch! – that one hurt!)


If you didn’t understand any of that, you’re probably not on social media. But what about needing to have our hair to look just like so-and-so from that one movie, and what about needing to have the latest and greatest this and that, from vehicles, to clothes, to gadgets and 3D flatscreen t.v.’s?

I could go on… 

As the current trends in American consumerism have morphed with the world of social media, it’s like we’re trying to create our own little “Cult of Personality”. Remember that song by Living Colour?  In the chorus, the lyrics say-


“I exploit you, still you love me, I’m every person you need to be, 
I’m the cult of personality”


Every person we need to be……  If we are not careful, this is exactly what happens to us in social MEdia. We get so caught up in “managing” our “image” that we loose who God made US to be. We begin to act differently, speak differently, respond differently, and if we’re not careful – live and believe differently.  We begin to be consumed with WHO likes our status update, picture or post. Those of us who don’t use social media are no different. We get so focused on what everyone else thinks, “image management” turns into a full blown Identity Crisis.


Back to the hard rock song from the 90’s that many of you are still wondering why your pastor knows 🙂   –> I LOVE that song!  Anyway, if you ever watched the video, as the distortion of the neon orange and green ESP guitars fade into oblivion, a famous FDR quote rings aloud – “The only thing we have to Fear, is Fear itself” 


“Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety. “


What Solomon is describing here is quite significant. The word he uses for “Fear” means to care too much about, or have anxiety about. The word for trap is even more profound. It is a picture of constructing a noose tied to a tree, laying down a bait or lure on the ground, and then luring an animal in with it (such as a wild pig) Then, once the animal is lured and captured, a ring is punctured through it’s nose so it can be lead around wherever the trapper wants it to go.


This is exactly how the enemy uses our cultures obsession with image. He lures us in with this false pretense that if we’ll be just a certain way, then others will accept us, then we’ll “fit in”, then we’ll become “important” like these other people, or that we’ll gain success just through our image. It’s a trap! There’s a noose, tied to a tree, laid waiting right underneath the bait. It only takes a few small bites of this deceptive cuisine to alert the hunters senses, and we’re hanging upside down by our feet, in the perfect position to have the metal ring of the fear of man placed in our nose. And from that point on, that one thing is what leads every area of our life. It’s what pulls us into the decisions we make and the life we choose to live.


But, there is good news!  You’ve got to let me go back to the song one more time! As the lead singer bounces around with again, a neon green jumpsuit, and whips his awesome 4 ft. long 90’s dreadlocks into the whirlwind of rock&roll history, he repeats this one profound and powerful statement:

“You don’t have to follow me, Only YOU can set you free”


We don’t have to take the bait! What other people think does NOT determine the level of acceptence or success that you have in your life.  No amount of “likes” on facebook will bring you lasting happiness or joy. These are ONLY found in a living, breathing, daily walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s not who likes you, but WHO’S you are!  You’re his son, you’re HIS daughter! Think about your kids. Does it matter what clothes they wear, what cars they drive, what filters they use on their profile pictures? Of course not! You love them and accept them why? Just because they are yours.


Rest in the fact that YOU are HIS today. The thoughts He thinks towards you are more numerous than the sands in the sea! They are ALL for good, for a successful future and full of hope. Yes, post on facebook, encourage on twitter, redeem your social environments so to bring people back to God. But those social environments don’t define you or determine your acceptence. HE does, and He always will, and that will never change (even if you do wear a neon green jumpsuit once and a while!)


Let’s Pray – Dear Jesus- I thank you so much that I don’t have to perform to be accepted by you! You love me just as much now as the day I was born! Lord, help me to not take the bait of the fear of man, of caring too much what others think of me. Let me have a healthy respect of others and their feelings, but let my only focus and concern be to please you with my life. Thank you for accepting me just because I’m your child, and let me rest in the peace that comes from that truth today, in Jesus Name, Amen!

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